Existing rachio controller 3 missing from new iOS app

Hello, I have used Rachio for 5 years. Sometime in the last two weeks my controller disappeared from the app.

Usually if the controller is offline because of Wi-Fi issues, the app shows that it is disconnected. For example last season when I turned everything off I didn’t need to do anything in the app, the controller status is offline. This spring I turned on the controller and Wi-Fi and everything resynced automatically. I was able to see and guide my controller as recently as two weeks ago.

Was there a recent update to the app that requires the controller to be re-set up? I am not in the local area of the controller and would have to hire someone to go out to the site to look at the lights.

Anyone else experience this? I emailed rachio support with my unique controller Id but haven’t heard back from them. I’ve tried re-installing the app, using the app.rach.io site without the app, changing my password. But all I get is “no devices”

The app version in my phone is 4.12.1 (3082 e3c9c09) on iOS.

Thank you.