Existing Hardie Controller Compatible with Rachio 3?

I’m considering buying the Rachio 3 to replace my existing Hardie controller. Is the installation simply moving wires from the Hardie to the Rachio?

@RachioHi - should be, but post a picture of the wiring connections to make sure it is not a two wire system. Rachio needs a wire to each station along with a common. Model number of the Hardie?

Here are a couple more pictures of the controller. Looks like the Hardie m

odel number is 11272.

@RachioHi - you should be good to go. Label all the wires before you take them off the Hardie. The white wire will go in a Rachio C(ommon) terminal. The black 24 VAC wires will not be used. The red wires go one to one into the Rachio zone terminals. Also, there isn’t a Master Valve wired so you don’t need to configure that in the Rachio app.

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@DLane - Thank you for the help and quick response! I look forward to receiving and installing the Rachio 3.