Existing Compatible? - Considering Rachio 3

Hi everyone - would my existing setup be good for a rachio 3. I’ve watched the youtube videos and done my research and I’m leaning towards it’ll be fine. My questions is that my current has two wires going into a common on the last slot. I think the rachio 3 16 zone has an extra common slot. Would it be okay if i used that additional one in the rachio for the wire in my current one? Thanks for any guidance and help. This device seems really neat and i hope my current setup can use this.

@ASBS3211 - The Rachio Gen 3 actually has four (4) common terminals. One can either wire nut the four wires going to the common terminals together along with a pig tail and insert the pig tail into one common terminal or put each wire into their own common terminal.

To fully answer the question about compatibility one would need to understand what the two wires on the Pump terminal power. One of the pairs is the small separate white jacketed cable on the far right of the picture with a corresponding black wire on the common. As the Rachio is an electronic device, versus a mechanical device, it can only switch/source so much power ~ 1 Amp. Is there a pump start relay in the system to start a pump to supply water to the system? Or two?

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@DLane yes the previous home owner has it set up so the controller is in the garage. When it kicks on there is a pump in the basement that turns on as well. I think for more pressure in water was the intent.

Does that answer your question?

@ASBS3211 - so is there both a master valve to isolate the system when not running and a pump start relay to boost pressure to the system?

One would need to verify that the pump start relay doesn’t have a large in-rush current as the Rachio doesn’t support some pump start relays. Also, I might not turn on the minimize water hammer option as that will add an additional valve to the running mix when switching between zones.

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