Excessive Data Upload

I track the traffic on internet usage through a traffic analyzer. I noticed that the Rachio device uploaded 56 GB of data and download 1.5 GB of data.

That seems very excessive. Why so much?

Client Name Upload Download Total
Rachio-E16ED2 54.07 GB 1.63 GB 55.71 GB

This is definitely not normal. Over what period of time did this occur? Was most of the traffic on the TLS connection, or something else?

Did you try rebooting or other action to stop it?

Yea, that’s odd. I see kb’s of data a day…

Went back and researched. It was consistently trying to upload 9 gb per day from 10/30 to 11/05.

Yesterday I did unplug the Rachio device, plugged it back in after several minutes, and I have not seen the same traffic.

I will continue to monitor.

Is it possible it was uploading some data, couldn’t make a “confirmed connection” and then kept trying. In a loop per se?

Anything is possible, but 9gb per day is a lot for a device like Rachio…