Excess zones

I am new to the smart controllers but have a quick question. I currently have 6 zones but found the best deal on a 12 zone control panel. Is there any downside to using the 12 vs the 8 zone? I would expect there is not, but wanted to get a few opinion.

I have 8 zones and picked up the 12 zone model from Costco. When setting up you don’t activate the unneeded zones but have them if needed in the future. Highly recommend!

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No downside. In fact only upside imho. What if you want to add a zone someday? :wink:

@DMXS - the other thing you can do with the extra zones is to set up a phantom system, if you want to see how different settings would so - say Fixed vs. Flex. One doesn’t have to actually connect a solenoid to the system.