EveryDrop Wireless Irrigation Flow Meter - 2 controllers

Two questions:

One: I have 2 controllers on one water line (would love a 32 zone), I have set them up with isolators and have been fastidious in configuration so that they can never run at the same time. Could I hook up two meters (make a Y in the feed) ?

If one works then

Two: the feed is not in the same location as the clocks - Irrigation wires run to a shed the water supply in the basement. It’s about 25 feet. I’m wondering what the wireless interface does, wire it to meter or to controller? Which leaves me with the same question either way, what is the range? -or does it just need wifi?

There is no problem connecting a flow meter to each controller whether wired or wireless. The opposite is the problem (you can’t connect 2 meters to 1 controller).

It is fine to connect 2 meters (physically) in series on the same mainline if that is what you want to measure. You can measure flow anywhere you want to.

That’s great news thanks

I’m going to review the installation instructions to make sure I can have the meter (s) communicate with the controller (s)