Every Drop Meters

Does anyone have feedback on every drop meters flow meter? How is the integration with rachio?

The Everydrop wireless solution does not integrate with any one controller. It is a wireless bridge that converts back to a wired output so that it can connect to the wired input of any controller. The controllers think they are connected to a wired meter.

I have the wired everydrop. I was able to select which zones are metered by it, then you run a cycle so it can learn the usual flow patterns. You will get an alert if it then exceeds that flow rate significantly. I did indeed get an alert to a zone where a shut-off had been opened by stepping on it a week or so later.

However I was expecting some changes to the watering as I had read the flow meter adjusted the flow rate or some of the Advanced Settings for the zone. I’ve not seen any changes of note to zone watering based on the flow sensor inclusion.