Eventual Subscription Required?

I was talking with an irrigation company near my house and demonstrated the Iro to him

He loved it and already has another customer interested in it

He did say that one of his supply houses told him that Iro will only have 2-years free subscription

I hadn’t heard anything like that and it got me wondering how Rachio funds its operation (ongoing support, server maintenance, etc) - is it just the initial investment of the Iro hardware?

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Right now there is no subscription component, and I don’t believe Rachio (the company) has ever indicated any direction in this regard. That said, they are venture-backed, and I find it hard to imagine a world where there won’t be some sort subscription (i.e. recurring revenue) component added to their model. Until something is announced, we can only speculate.

It would be interesting to hear what company the supply house in question is representing. Follow the money.



Good question! At the current time, we do not have any plans for a subscription service.

If possible would you be able to share with me the distributor who informed your irrigation professional that we will have a 2-year subscription fee? My guess is that some information surrounding a 2-year extended warranty got mixed up and came out as a 2-year subscription fee.

Thank you for your continued support! Have a great day!


I was also given a heads up by a City of Sacramento rep. that there is always a possibility that a subscription could happen or not. I am still went ahead and purchase the new 3rd Gen unit. Can’t wait to install it and I never thought I would get excited about an irrigation controller.

We do not currently have plans for an irrigation subscription service.

Congrats and welcome to the community!