Even days except Tuesdays - can this be done?


The water authority in my area has rules that even numbered houses can water on dates where the day is an even number and odd numbered houses on the odd days. My landscaper comes early on Tuesdays so I want to skip watering on Tuesdays even if they’re an even numbered day. For example, Tuesday, May 14th is an even day but I don’t want my lawn to be watered. Can this be done? Thanks in advance.


@Sam_K Not without a lot of automation work using IFTTT. The best for now is an even/odd schedule and then set a one day rain delay or skip the schedule the day before if it is falling on a Tuesday.


Thanks @franz. I’m impressed that the co-founder/CTO responded to me. :blush: Do you think I should request a feature addition that would allow exceptions to the odd/even days option?

You can request it, but to be honest this would be very low on our priority list for at least this season :wink: Just want to be truthful.


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