Europe - 220 V to 110V AC Converter - Output wattage


Finally managed to get my Gen 2 controllers. I will be using these in Europe. Have sourced a 220V to 110V AC converter. Have two models 40W and 70W output. Have looked at tech spec for the Gen 2 but can find any spec that says what the convertor should deliver. Any advice greatly appreciated. Would really help if Rachio were to make a universal power supply.


@Fossevet - Rachio power supply puts out 24 VAC and 1000 milliamps, so 24 W.


So the 40W output converter is more than enough.I may have read something wrong but does the Rachio power supply output 24V DC or AC. I could also simply buy a universal EU 24V power supply. These have a selection of tips. The DC supplies allow choice of +ve/-ve centre lead switching. I am heading for the 220 to 110 converter but am not sure how smooth/stable the output is. Also these small converters can get quite warm and may be noisy.


Apologies it is 24 VAC. Did not read well enough.


Better is use just 24V AC 1000mA power adapter without any converters. I’m using that adapter (in Poland it cost ~14 EUR) -