Ethernet Port

I really like the Rachio and have one in Ohio in the basement (50 feet from router) and one in FL (100 ft and one block wall from router). The Ohio Rachio has never lost communication. The one in FL loses contact maybe once a month and then reconnects in a few hours or a few days. It is not true that few would want an ethernet port. I have three units outside in FL: Solar Edge inverter w/port, Kohler generator w/port and Rachio w/out port. Never have had any communication problems with the inverter or the generator.

I could easily relocate the Rachio in FL as I have already had to build an interface box with relays so I can run two zones per each Rachio zone thereby reducing my sprinkling time by 50%. So all I need to do is run an 18/7 sprinkler cable from my interface box to the structured wiring panel inside the house and relocate the Rachio. Not going to bother as I water every 2nd day and watch moisture sensors and security cameras to decide when to skip. BUT: would I like an ethernet port? Obviously

Would I like to be able to run a master control valve and two control valves on each Rachio zone, for sure. I think my experience was not unusual as the sprinkler installer sized the pump too large and did not worry about getting it operating at the proper place on the pump curve. I needed to run 12 zones 30 minutes per day originally. Now I run 6 tandem zones 1 hr each every other day. Reduce electric cost maybe $25/month. Rachio, this would be a positive addition in the name of the environment.

A suggestion… if you have an extra Ethernet port on your router and can run a cable to the vicinity of the Rachio, then connect an access point to the cable. Presto - you now have good WiFi in an area that was previously dead.

I agree with your suggestion and that is what I have done. However an Ethernet port would be a welcome add! Using hardwire connections where possible is always better and solves a lot of problems.


Update 7 months later. My controller went offline 2 weeks ago and stayed off. I got down FL and checked WiFi strength - 0-1 bars. Bt 200’ ft 18-7, ran 3 wires into house eliminating the block wall. Now have 5 bars and think will not have anymore offline. Yes could have install repeater but I no geek. Ethernet cable would have eliminated all the hassle.