Ethernet Port in Future Models

I would like to see an Ethernet Port featured on future Rachio models. I really like what Rachio is able to do, however not having the ability to connect via Ethernet is the only reason I have decided to not purchase a Rachio. Is including an Ethernet port something that has ever been discussed?

It has been discussed here in the community some are for it (including me) and some are against it. I am not sure if Rachio has discussed it.

Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it. Seems to me that if it had an Ethernet port, anyone who would like to use WiFi would just use the WiFi setting and the optional ethernet wouldn’t create any issues for those users. It’s the users who would like a wired connection that are limited to using the current Rachio controllers.

I’m not sure too many would be against it, I think it is just the cost of hardware configuration vs. use. In so many cases, a sprinkler clock is installed in a garage, or side of the house after the home is built, and an ethernet line is almost never run to these areas. I’m a huge proponent of hardwiring whatever I can, but with the location of mine and lack of access to run a Cat6 line, I’d never be able to use it.


Those are good points. I built my house and have a cat 6 line in my garage ready to use for my sprinkler system. I have been on the lookout for a controller I can hardwire that does everything the Rachio can do. If the Rachio had this option I would purchase one today