Ethernet connection

Ethernet port missing is critical flaw. My 2nd generation goes OFFLINE every day because of unit/router issues. My sprinkler guy is not tech savvy enough to fix. An Ethernet port would fix all my problems. It’s great that I’m notified that a watering will be skipped because of soil or upcoming weather conditions…it’s DISAPPOINTING that it is not implemented because my unit is always offline in the morning. If I unplug my router it fixes the problem for a few hours…short term solution.

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@Michael That’s a bummer for sure. Setting aside what the Rachio Iro should do or not do in such situations, WiFi connectivity can be unreliable for sure. Do you know if you have decent signal strength at your unit, or is there a known issue with the router itself ?

My Rachio unit is no more than 1 or 2 feet away from my wireless router. I’m using a d-link DIR-890L (AC 3200). Can’t get a better signal than that :smile:

I was hoping it was an old router and you were due for a new one, or an inexpensive extender would help. I have a Nighthawk N6, also AC3200, and it’s about 40 feet from the Rachio. The signal has to go through a couple of internal walls and an external wall that’s stucco. The Rachio sits in an outdoor enclosure. As much as I agree with you and prefer wired connections, the wireless connection has been pretty solid for me in this application.

I assume that you’re hooked up to a 2.4GHz channel ? I think that’s the only option with Rachio anyway. Do you know what’s causing the drops ? Based on your knowledge I’m guessing that you already updated firmware. If not that has helped me in the past, especially with newer routers.

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Thanks for the suggestions and help. I think the port is blocked. I tried port forwarding with no luck. The Rachio website suggest changing the MAC filtering. The new d-link access to the router has been completely revamped and I can’t find where to do this. In the past it was very easy to modify the MAC filters. Also…I have multiple devices on my system and I’m having trouble finding the exact IP address for the Rachio. Strange…
Thanks again for all the suggestions!!!

No problem. I only wish I could help more, but I haven’t had to mess with port forwarding or MAC filters. Hopefully others here have more experience and you can get where you need to quickly. If you haven’t reached out to Rachio support yet that might be a good resource as well. Let us know if you find a smoking gun!

definitely seek support. I had a flickering connection, and basically restarting set up fixed it.

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Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!

@Michael apologies for the Wi-Fi issues. Please do reach out to for some help. This shouldn’t be happen.


Even in these days, WiFi just isn’t a 100% reliable communications medium. Ask the internet tstat guys - their support burden is huge just due to WiFi reliability challenges.

I year ago I switched to Ethernet (vs. WiFi) connected internet tstats. Really nice to have a reliable connection NOW associated with an important control function (HVAC).

Do the same with your Iro Ver. 2 controller. Offer it in two flavors - WiFi or Ethernet. Or if it can be more economical with your internal costs to not have to keep track of what product is WiFi vs Ethernet, make it so that Iro can be either with a simple slide switch setting.

Water sprinkling is an important function, not a casual one. I think offering a product/version that accommodates Ethernet in some manner elevates your product to a more professional standard.

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Thanks Bill for your input. I also agree…there should be an Ethernet version available. I have an acre of property with a significant amount of money invested in landscaping. The system functionality of the Rachio system is a necessity NOT a luxury. The more people who inquire about Ethernet connection the better. Hopefully it could be implemented one day. With the multiple layers of firewalls and changing router and wifi protocols…direct Ethernet connection is a must. My landscaper is NOT tech savvy and connot offer support outside of hardwiring the unit. I do not have the hours of time to try to troubleshoot my connection issues myself. Again…Ethernet would solve all these issues.


@a0128958 and @Michael, just a curiosity question on my part. Where are your controllers placed that you could get Ethernet to them? I agree that the Ethernet would be much more reliable, but I can’t even get Ethernet to my desktop anymore. In my case, my controller is outside, so no Ethernet access, and I also monitor my daughters controller - hers is in her garage, again with no way to get Ethernet to it.

Quite possibly you are too close to the router. I know that can cause problems with the Wink hub.

WiFi adjusts for the worst signals, so having something far away tied to that AP can also cause hiccups. I run an old POS TEW-632BRP. Works fine for an old cheap router.

For distances I do have a “quick and dirty” solution for one camera in my house. It’s a wired AP. TP-LINK TL-WR702N The TP-Link can be used to extend wireless or as a wired AP and it runs off of a standard USB wall wart which means you can sling POE to it with the proper splitter and power supply.

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To Linn: And now you see why now reasonably good design team would consider producing an Ethernet only product these days.

The Rachio guys have no choice but to use WiFi as the Internet connectivity medium as their primary sales vehicles. They wouldn’t have a product without doing so.

Those of us wanting Ethernet are in the minority. So much so it’s doubtful that it will ever happen, IMO, with Iro, without it having some significant competition, such that it need Ethernet for market distinction.

Or, it happens because Iro wants to have a complete solution. WiFi causes products to have a larger support burden because it plain and simple isn’t perfectly reliable. Ethernet fills in the gap.

Look at the Internet tstat market - dominated by Nest, Honeywell and Ecobee. I use tstats because its a similar appliance in a home - one controls heating and cooling and another controls watering.

All 3 of these companies are WiFi only. In spite of the reliability challenges. And even with HVAC, which some argue is a more critical control function at the home than outside sprinkler control.

It’s not until you get in to the commercial tstats that you have an Ethernet option. And these Ethernet tstats are more expensive.

Rachio would have to decide there’s enough of an Ethernet market to warrant spending the money to develop a version 3 that includes WiFi or Ethernet (probably as one or the other to limit product cost). How many of us have an Ethernet line already out to the garage?

It doesn’t hurt to ask. If enough ask Rachio might make it an option. Probably need to encourage a lot of friends to ask too.

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WiFi does not reach the shed that my sprinkler controller is in, but I ran ethernet to it in anticipation of smart devices rolling out. I’d rather not buy another WAP to put in that shed just to provide wifi for this one device - are there plans for a Rachio gen3 with an ethernet port or some sort of ethernet adapter for a wired internet connection?
Even if current wifi signal reached the shed, I agree with the previous comments about the complications that can arise with wifi as opposed to the seamlessness of a wired ethernet connection.
I live in an area with wildly sporadic weather, so a smart controller would be ideal for the frequent changes in watering needs - I just hope a wired option will be available soon.

Whats the price of a Raspberry Pi these days? Just sayin