ETA to purchase ONLY a flow meter?

I already have a gen 3 Rachio, but would like to buy the flow meter in the future. It seems like the flow meter is currently only offered when you buy a Rachio 3.

Will I be able to buy just a flow meter some day?

If so, any ETA when the product be available for separate purchase?

The team is still working on this. Will let you know as soon as there is more information.


Tsk tsk tsk.

C’mon guys. How many companies have customers knocking on their door wanting their product? Lol

You folks will look back in this one day and ask yourselves why you didn’t plan better on a major product roll out.

As the season rolls on we get focused on other things

THus the tsk tsk tsk.

Happy trails.

damn it i need one too…

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@DTC @Dwiniger @IxsharpxI

If you email we’ll email you back an invoice to purchase a flow meter. It’s a workaround until the website gets updated.

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done. invoice received, order submitted and looking forward to it. thanks emil.

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Me too. Bank draft occurred but still waiting.