Estimated Usage in CCF

I know the estimated usage is just that—an estimate. And I know y’all have been ripped in the past for it not being an exact measure. Hopefully that is all behind us now and all of us who use the “Estimate” realize it is only an estimate and could be way, waaaay, off, or even really close or spot-on. That said, the water bills from CalWater, a not-so-small water utility, are rated in CCF*, not gallons. It would be really handy if y’all could add a quick line to your estimator allowing the user to select CCF. 1-CCF=748-Gallons, approximately*.

*centum cubic feet | 1ccf=748.0519480519481 gallons


Ours is called CCU, but same thing. And it would be an even nicer feature if we could set when the month would begin so that we could sync it up for our water bills (mine is in the middle of the month).

AGREED!! That would be awesome!