ESP-Me to Raccio3 Setup HELP!

Hi - I really need some help understanding how to switch from RainBird ESp-Me (with pump) to Rachio 3 (outdoor enclosure). I think I can have an electrician hardwire the outlet in the outdoor enclosure so that part I think will be ok but the other wiring has me confused. What is that grey box that seems to receive the pump electrical wiring?? Please help!!

The gray box (last picture) is a “pump start relay” (PSR). It takes the output of the sprinkler controller for the pump at 24VAC and switches via relay the power to the pump which looks like 120VAC. I think you should be able to continue to use that and may want to talk to the electrician while he is doing the other portion.

The rest should be pretty straight forward. Right before doing anything for the switchover, I suggest making sure all of the zones are working. Label each of the wires before bringing them over

  • 24VAC: do not connect to Rachio, only use the Rachio transformer with the barrel connector
  • Gnd: same as previous
  • Sens: none
  • MV → M (needs to be configured in the app)
  • COM: one is for the valves that goes to C, the other should be for the PSR and goes to any other (or could be same, but I would choose another) C
  • 1-5 (yellow, red, black, blue, green) → 1-5

Thank you, Thomas! A few follow-up questions:

(1) it may not mean anything but the label on the electrical box where the wires are coming into the PSR says 220 V…will this cause an issue?
(2) you mention I should be able to continue to use the PSR…do you mean I keep that grey box?? If that’s the case I may have an issue b/c it won’t fit physically inside the Rachio weatherproof box…does the Rachio not have a built in PSR??

  1. I am not sure. If I remember correctly, the label on the PSR says 120VAC
  2. Rachio does not make a PSR. I have heard of some getting a PSR from Home Depot (Orbit) or from a sprinkler place (Hunter), I believe both are in a waterproof box. You just would need to make sure it matches the specs on the Rachio and your pump.