"Error Loading Data"

I just tried to look at the Moisture Graph in the iOS app and no matter what zone I choose, I get “Error Loading Data”.

I’m using v 3.8.0 (1239 02810a3) of the app on an iPhone 7.


@ssindelman I’m having our engineering team review your account.


Thanks, @franz.

Guess all it took was a good logout/log back in and poof, data appears. :slight_smile:

What was the solution, I have the same problem? I logged out, closed the app and I still have the problem. Works fine in the web app.

Is the app up-to-date?

When you closed the app, did you remove it from your activity tray (hit Home button twice, and swipe the app up and away)?

Yes, I terminated the app as you explained. I had made reference to this thread on another thread so to eliminate duplication I’ll continue on the other thread. thanks