Error checking for power cycling

I had what turned out to be a bad solenoid. Rachio support was very helpful in trouble shooting that. Before we got that sorted out, the bad solenoid caused the controller to power cycle whenever it tried to start that zone. Then it would continue to try to start that zone continuously until it hit the end time for that schedule. That means that none of the subsequent zones in that schedule would be run. It seems to me that a simple error check could fix that. For instance, if the power cycles 5 times during one zone then the controller would skip that zone, report the error and move on to the next zone in the schedule.


Rachio support is the best. I used to use them several years ago when the Gen 1 first hit the market.
I have now been through all of the bugs that can happen and rarely need to call them except to thank
them for making the Gen 3 as such a fine product.

As far as the cycling off goes, it seems like a fail safe to keep from shorting out.

I have dealt with other types of dumb and smart controllers that will keep cycling until it blows the fuse.
Sometimes a blown fuse can be too late for the controller.