EPA WaterSense

Sedgwick County Kansas has a rebate program going on now. Smart Irrigation Systems labeled with EPA’s WaterSense are eligible for a $100 rebate.

Is my new Iro WaterSense labeled?


@megan2‌ We don’t current have the label, but are in the process of applying for it. We’ll know more soon.

Hi Chris, just wanted to check in on the status of this application. Thanks.

@vekmar‌ We will be submitting our controller for testing in the next two weeks. Hopefully we will have the certification by mid to late September.

Great news! Thanks.

I am entitled to an $85 rebate if the Iro is WaterSense certified soon. Do you have any news on this front?

@DavidH‌ We are certified!

This is all they should need:


If not, let us know and we will help out.


@DavidH The Iro has been officially added to the WaterSense’s certified list. If needed for your rebate, please see: http://www.epa.gov/WaterSense/product_search.html >> search “Irrigation Controller” under Product Category >> then look for “Rachio” under Brand Name

I just applied through the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. I bought my 16-zone Iro through amazon, and their “receipt” doesn’t show the model number of the Iro… In fact, even on the product page, Amazon lists it as “Rachio 701748767643 Iro 16 Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller”

On the WaterSense list it’s listed as “16ZULW” - has anyone successfully used an Amazon e-receipt to get a rebate? I hope there’s not issue, because the rebate is $200 from LADWP!

@steve28 We’ve reached out to LADWP and have not had a response yet. @emil is going to work with you on getting the rebate. Have a great day!

Hi @steve28, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re working with our retailers to correct the model number on all receipts. I’d recommend submitting the application and receipt you currently have to start the process. If you have any contacts at LADWP, I’d be happy to follow up with LADWP on your behalf.

I’m confident we can get you the rebate.

Best, Emil

Thanks @emil and @franz - I don’t have a contact at LADWP. I did submit with the receipt Amazon provides, which simply shows this:

I guess we’ll see what happens!

Fingers crossed! Thanks for the update. If you hear back from LADWP and need any help, please forward the email(s) to rebates@rach.io and I’ll help.

Is there any way to file for rebates on purchases last summer?

@konglong, we can try! It depends on your water utility’s guidelines.

Please send us an email at rebates@rachio.com with your city/zip and local water utility. We’d be happy to double check rebates in your are and even can send you a copy of your receipt if needed.

Best, Emil

The Santa Clara Valley Water District offers rebates of “up to $300(!) per controller” for 12 valve controllers. Rachio is not currently on the list, but they welcome manufacturers to apply to be added to the list. I live in Morgan Hill (95037).

Information about their rebate is here:

The approved list (thus far with contact information @ bottom) is here:

@emil, I sent this info to "rebates@rachio.com" as well… any chance Rachio can be added to this list or any updates on the process?

Hi @mdknapp, thanks for reaching out. I’ve been chatting with Santa Clara Valley Water District and we should be on their list any day now.

On Wed, Feb 11, 2015, they emailed the following:

I received notification from my supervisor that this controller is approved for our rebate. The only reason it is not on our list is because it has been so recently approved. However, please remember there must be a rain sensor on site and connected to the controller in order to qualify.
Thanks, Orlando

Please note, SCVWD has pretty strict pre-inspection process to adhere to. So you may need to follow the steps that they have provided. I have provided the email that was sent to us from them below:

"Thanks for contacting us. We have been talking to a few customers through our rebate program that have been approved to install your recently certified controller. Currently, anyone who is going through our program and is eligible to participate in our controller rebate can choose to install the Rachio controller. All customers must install an onsite rain sensor, even if the system uses a remote one.

All customers who wish to upgrade their current controller to a weather based irrigation controller must go through our standard steps to participate. They must first get a pre-inspection to verify that they have an existing standard controller. They must then submit an application for approval and then start their project. If any site has already installed a Rachio controller but hasn’t gone their our pre-inspection and application steps, they will not be eligible for a rebate. We do not retroactively rebate for items installed without going through the proper steps.

I have updated our qualifying controller list and it should be up shortly (early next week a the latest). We also have a printed list that goes out with the application packet, and I will print the new list to send out as soon as we deplete the current supply of printed lists."

Hope this helps :smile:

@emil, thanks for the update. Do you know if the 16valve version would be covered with the rain sensor? Would the rain sensor be paid for by the consumer only?

Also, it appears to get the rebate you have to go through their whole inspection / application process. Seems pretty onerous for just a controller. Is that correct?

Thanks for the heads up on this folks, Denver Water has a program too and just signed up for the rebate.

Hello @emil and other customer support techs! I was just curious if anything was in the works with the City of Phoenix. Would definitely love to cash in on some rebates.