Entering sq. footage?

Possibly I cannot see the full picture, but what bearing, if any, does entering the square footage have on the water applied? I can see where it would be used to calculate estimated water use and savings, but fail to see how entering this parameter would affect the water to be applied. Now if we could enter the actual water flow per zone with a flow meter or the street water meter, then the square footage could be factored in to accurately determine actual water applied. Presently, does not the Iro only consider the estimated flow through a particular nozzle type? Hopefully some day soon we can factor in the actual water flow by zone.

Square footage only affects the calculations of how much water you used (after the fact). It does nothing in calculating how much water is going to be applied.

As far as nozzles types go, as I understand it the ones that are set up are what are the “normal” flows for each type of nozzle. You can get more accurate estimates of your own particular system by doing a catch cup test. I kinda like the catch cup test because with that you can also get an Efficiency % for that particular zone. Using the flow meter or street water meter, you’ll get the rate, but not the efficiency. Doing both would probably get you a little more accurate.