I just installed my new Rachio and it works very well. I’d like to suggest 5 new enhancements:

  1. Ability to print a Hard Copy of the schedules
  2. Ability to duplicate or copy schedules to a new schedule
  3. Enhance the android app so the screen can rotate between Landscape and Portrait
  4. Flag any schedules that have an overlap.
  5. I’ve had issues in the past with a zone where it began to leak. Is there a way for the Rachio to turn off a zone if more water then usual is detected?

@mbs6132003 Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated. These all make sense and I have put them into our software backlog.

As to #5 we currently do not have a way to detect the true amount of flow coming from a zone so this would not be possible.

Have a great day!


Another enhancement I just though of is the ability to export the schedule to an external calendar like Google Calendar.

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@mbs6132003 Thanks and noted!

2nd for this feature!

I would like to strongly endorse the feature to be able to create duplicate schedules easily.

IFTTT to Google Calendar

We currently support this: