Enhancement suggestions

It would be nice to be able to specify

  1. the number of sprinklers/heads in a zone
  2. (known) sprinkler types, e.g. Hunter 1812 - and have that provide the
    known data (gal/hr, radius, etc)
  3. the dimensions of the area covered by the # & type of heads, so that
    the calculations are done
  4. A photo (or video) of the sprinklers in a zone- with location (gps
    coordinates from phone?)
  5. tags for a zone that can then be used for scheduling (across Iros) -
    e.g. ‘bed’, ‘front yard’
  6. schedules that span Iros (I have 2, with 30 zones)

I haven’t hooked things up yet - but it looks promising.

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@jdowson, thanks for reaching out! Feedback on your recommendations are below:

  1. This is a chicken and egg problem to calculating the precip rate. For more information, please see this support article.
  2. This can be added via a custom nozzle. A formal library, by brand, is in our backlog.
  3. The square footage of the zone can be edited via advanced settings. We default to 1000 square feet per zone unless you override.
  4. Photos coming in 2.0! GPS coordinates of your property are logged during setup if you enable location services, but not zone by zone.
  5. We currently allow you to custom name any zone. Are you looking for default zone names?
  6. Noted. This is currently in our feature request backlog.

If you think of any other ideas on ways to improve the Iro, please don’t hesitate to share them with us. We love feedback :smile:

  1. That article was the reason for my suggestion. Specifying 'There are 4 Rainbird 1812s, covering LxW feet just seems more ‘real’ as zone attributes
  2. Perhaps the community could help crowd source and attribute authoritative reference links? Parallelism …
  3. See (1)
  4. Awesome - mashup on Google maps? :wink:
  5. No, I’m looking for a way to schedule (across Iros) water ‘perennials’ every other day, water ‘annuals’ every day, (using the tags, not zones to schedule)
  6. See (5)

My other issue is in an open support case - I need a way to turn on a relay any and every time any zone is active. Our water treatment system needs to be bypassed (chlorine injection to remove arsenic turned off) - I have 2 available zones on one Iro…

im sorry, i caught the retard back in nam of 09 so im slow, but can you not use the master valve (pump control) for this? i know you are spread across multiple units, but i think they both can be connected to the same valve with a shared common. i think…a diode can be used to prevent the current applied from another controller from reaching the idle controller

@jdowson, thanks for your continued feedback and recommendations. My thoughts below:

  1. There’s much more to precip rates that just knowing the number of heads and square footage. Head placement, water pressure to the heads, and the nozzle insert for each head all play a key role. I wish it was simpler and easier to configure.
  2. I do like a crowdsourced model…assuming it’s accurate :wink:
  3. This setting can be configured by the user. I’m sorry, but I do not see how it pertains to #1.
  4. No mash up, yet…but it’s on the backlog.
  5. Hmm, love the idea, but that’s MUCH easier said then done. It’s also on the backlog.
  6. Noted, thanks for the clarification.

As @jdowson mentioned, this can be done via the Master Valve feature. For more information, please see this support article.

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil

and the day that yall integrate with at least 1 flow meter, most of these problems will be solved, just punch in your square footage, BANG!

i think a flow meter should be standard equipment installed with every irrigation controller. they will more than pay for itself when you have a stuck valve or a busted line or in my case, dogs that like to eat emitters off of drip tube. oh yea, i have payed dearly for that last one.

flow meter support! :blush:

Touche. However, placement and installation of the flow meter could be tricky for most homeowners. Is this something you would do yourself, or would you hire a plumber or landscaper to help?

Been there too! They love those emitters…no idea why.

me and a friend will install it, he installs them on occasion.

@plainsane, just curious, which flow sensors has he installed? Perhaps you could PM me a list?

Thanks, Emil

ill hit him up for the specific brands. specifically i was looking at a toro.

but it depends on what you guys do in respect to support.

there is a model that i was looking at that has its own controller box, but i would rather not go that way.

(a follow-up update)

1.) I still think that being able to add the details of the sprinklers in a zone would be useful - by individual sprinkler.
2.) Is your backlog visible to users?
3.) still working on the flow/coverage aspects - is there a mapping application that would help?
4.) Photos have made a big difference - thank you.
5.) I’d like to expand on the Tags request (below)
6.) the muti-Iro scheduling issue - I currently use odd/even days - not a first choice. Ideally schedules should not be bound to one controller.

About tags - this would allow a user to schedule by user defined attributes (tags). e.g. Water all zones with the tags ‘bed’, ‘perennial’ every day (preferably across all Iros)

I think I have also found the way to use the Master Valve relays on 2 Iros to disable the stenner pump (chlorine, for arsenic-5 removal) - a 2 zone Taco switching relay - I may use one with more zones, in case there are others in the future (like outdoor hoses). I have a question in to the supplier, but this looks promising.

Next I’ll want to look into replacing my rain sensors … and investigating flow meters…