Enhancement Request - Start and End Day (of the year)


I have used my watering system for more than a year now - and I love it. But…

I was wondering why my automatic watering system never came on this year. Upon further investigation, I saw a start and end date (including a year), which means I turned on my watering system on May 1, and turned it off on Sept 15, 2016.

I would like the ability to set a month and day (but not year) to automatically start and stop watering. In this case, I would like to start May 1st and stop Sept 15 every year.

Thanks for your consideration.



We have heard this request in the past, I agree it’s especially confusing when things don’t boot back up the next season! I will get your feedback to the team.

McKynzee :rachio:


This is especially confusing since the schedule display (WEB app) does not show the year unless you go to change the date. But of course what is really needed is a set and forget date interval that is in effect every year.


Over a year has passed since this posting. So naturally I forgot to check my summer schedule and it did not start (since it was only for 2017.) We really need an option so that the start/stop dates happen each year.