Enhancement Request - Start and End Day (of the year)

I have used my watering system for more than a year now - and I love it. But…

I was wondering why my automatic watering system never came on this year. Upon further investigation, I saw a start and end date (including a year), which means I turned on my watering system on May 1, and turned it off on Sept 15, 2016.

I would like the ability to set a month and day (but not year) to automatically start and stop watering. In this case, I would like to start May 1st and stop Sept 15 every year.

Thanks for your consideration.



We have heard this request in the past, I agree it’s especially confusing when things don’t boot back up the next season! I will get your feedback to the team.

McKynzee :rachio:

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This is especially confusing since the schedule display (WEB app) does not show the year unless you go to change the date. But of course what is really needed is a set and forget date interval that is in effect every year.


Over a year has passed since this posting. So naturally I forgot to check my summer schedule and it did not start (since it was only for 2017.) We really need an option so that the start/stop dates happen each year.


Almost 2 years waiting for this. Very surprised more people don’t complain about this. PLEASE add option to NOT select or ignore the year for schedules and just have them repeat yearly. I’m in California and in my area our strict water rules require a different schedule every couple of months. I have 6 schedules that I have to go in and bump the year up for when they complete periodically otherwise the next year they obviously won’t run.


Why has this not been remedied yet? . I still have not found a solution besides manually upping the year after schedule completes for the year.