Enhancement request: rain sensor options

I’m using generation 2 Rachio and love it.
I am also required by my city to use a rain sensor.

I would like to suggest an optional user configuration point. Where I can select the behavior when my rain sensor is activated.

As I understand it, the controller will skip a watering as long as that zone hasn’t begun. I would like the option to stop the zone, regardless of starting or not, while the sensor is active.

I’m sure that there are other variations that might desirable, but that’s the one I’m interested in

Thanks much for such a great product and amazing customer service.

Can you clarify? I have had a rain sensor with several other controllers. I’ve seen a zone stop when the sensor reached its 1/4" trip point.

I haven’t seen the system continue to run after rain started during a schedule, but my understanding from a discussion with rachio customer service is that the rain ssensor will stop a scheduled zone before or starts but not after the schedule started.

You will need to use an ifttt recipe. You can have the event of rainsensor activated put your controller into rain delay for 24 hours. This should accomplish your goal.

I use the same for this behavior and to serve a few other purposes. There are already a bunch of existing recipes preconfigured.

Thanks! Just to be clear, would that stop a zone that’s mid schedule?


Nice. Thanks!

Hey @FredtheWhale and @plainsane-

I just double checked myself, and when your rain sensor activates the current running zone should stop as long as it is a schedule and not a manual run. Am I misunderstanding the request?

McKynzee :rachio:

That is the function that i would like:

Zone 1 is running on schedule and it starts to rain. my rain sensor activates and the controller stops zone 1 mid schedule.

My main confusion occurred because the csr that i talked to said that the controller wouldn’t stop a zone mid schedule.

I haven’t had the situation occur yet so I don’t know how my controller behaves to confirm.

Btw, thank you very much for your research and follow-up

Happy day.

Hey @FredtheWhale-

I think the issue here is misinformation from the customer service rep. I will find your support interaction and make sure to follow up and correct. The function you are wanting is how the system currently behaves, so you should be good to go without any extra work!

McKynzee :rachio:

Glad to hear it. Thanks for the clarity