Enhancement request - delay starting manual watering cycle

I would love to have a way of delaying the start of a manual watering cycle. It would be like adding a dummy watering cycle except it would not turn on any water! For instance, I could delay starting a manual watering cycle to start in 30 minutes - after I finish cutting the lawn! Or I could turn it on starting at a specific time (remember, this is a one-time manual cycle, not a scheduled cycle).

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Thanks for the idea @Landon6! I think this could be useful for sure. I will make sure to get your feedback to the team :slight_smile:

Why make things complicated when you could simply start the manual cycle AFTER you have cut the grass. You could initiate your manual watering from your cellphone or your desktop.

Perhaps a better example is to schedule a special run at 2AM when usage is low and so are winds. how do you do the one-time event without waking up a fishing for your cell phone ?