Engineering team hard at work on v3!


I know it’s been quite awhile but the engineering team is heads down on rebuilding our cloud platform and mobile/web clients for next year. They are building some very amazing technology and features, stay tuned!


Yeah, but does it have Home Kit? ha, j/k keep up the good work


Ha, when Apple builds a Siri irrigation profile the opportunity for HomeKit will become possible :wink:



I want to put Iro units into municipal parks - please consider these suggestions:

  1. Ethernet connection (as either an additional or alternative network connection mechanism)

  2. More than 16 zones

  3. Some kind of accessory, not one’s cell phone, to turn on/off each zone (for testing, repair, purge purposes).

  4. Ability to export each zone’s historical configuration parameters and actions to a spreadsheet file.

Thank you!



Question: when v3 comes out, does that mean the app software will upgrade gen 2 units?



Yes, Gen 1/Gen 2, Web, iOS, and Android will all receive updates.




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You can post this under the “product suggestions” forum :cheers:


Hopefully it will have integration with Google Home/Google Assistant. API will be released very soon It would be cool to say “OK Google, turn on zone 1”, or even better “OK Google, water the yard”


@franz So is it at all possible that you could provide us with any information about what is being worked on that would be new or different?


I suggested they create a Windows Universal App since a lot of people who have Windows devices with touch but they say to use the web browser, which doesn’t work with touch. A lot of cities I work with use Windows devices and my local cities are now issuing Windows tablets. I see a ton of my clients switching to touch based Windows devices but I guess Rachio hasn’t heard enough request from their side. Maybe that could be a place to add your vote in suggestions.


I would really like to see new units physically compatible so that it’s possible to upgrade without replacing the outdoor box. If a new box is required due to the unit being different size/shape, at least make an effort to ensure compatibility with the holes from the V2 box.

I’d love to upgrade if new features are interesting to me, but I’m not thrilled with the idea of drilling more holes in the exterior wall of my concrete block house.

If the new unit is compatible with the existing box, or at least a new box is compatible with the holes that are already there, upgrading would be very easy (and I’d be more prone to do it).


That would be awesome. More of a connected home…



I’ll try to provide scoping when we are confident certain features will/will not get into the 3.0 release. I always get into trouble committing to something and then we have a change of priority, etc. Hopefully early next year I can provide some more context around 3.0.

Have a great day!



Love seeing this kind of stuff, so glad I bought a Rachio. It’s already paid for itself after a couple water bills.


Franz, because I winterized my sprinkler system already, living in NJ, I have my Rachio Ver 2 in standby mode and I’m ready to unplug the unit for the winter. Because of this upcoming update, do you advise leaving my Rachio plugged in till after the upcoming update has been implemented and then unplug it for the winter? Much appreciated!


We don’t have a timeframe for the update, but leaving it unplugged throughout the winter should be fine. When the update is ready the controller will automatically receive it.

Hope you have a great winter!



@deckard V3 will actually just be a software upgrade, so no new unit required and no new holes in your home!


Awesome, and apologies for the confusion on my part. I read “V3” and simply interpreted it as “Gen 3,” as in the third iteration of the hardware.