End of Season - just unplug?

Think I know the answer and it is simple…
Shutting down the sprinkler system for the season.
Should I just unplug the controller?
If so, do I have to start from scratch next year on the set up?
Or, once plugged in again it will recognize all settings on my account?


@parkerterrance - I’d recommend just putting the unit in standby or putting an end date on the schedule. That way any software updates will come down to the device over the winter. Gen 1’s can take the faceplate off and bring it inside if desired. If the device is unplugged it will pick up right where it was unplugged - unless a factory reset is performed.

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OK, will look for the “standby mode”. No clue when the system will be restarted. Weather dependant in Colorado.
Thank you

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If you go into the Rachio app and under DEVICE SETTINGS, Standby mode is the 1st option. Turn this ON.

Also, go down the main page in the app and under EDIT WATERING SCHEDULE, click the schedule or schedules (if you have more than 1) and switch the ENABLED option OFF.

Then in the spring when you’re gearing your system back up, turn the ENABLED back ON for each of your schedules and take the system Standby Mode OFF enabled.

BTW, I too am in Colorado so howdy from one Rocky Mtn’er to another.

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Thanks @DLane!

@parkerterrance welcome to the community! Here’s a quick video on how to winterize your sprinkler system if you haven’t already. I highly recommend blowing out your sprinklers for the winter if you live in Colorado. Hope this helps!

Thanks all, sprinkler blown out and now controller set on standby mode.

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I’m just curious, and not trying to throw rocks or anything, because I too am new to the Rachio world. So, please forgive my lack of knowledge.

Should it not be good enough to put my gen 2 controller in Standby mode for the winter season? In my way of thinking, this should disable all schedules.

I can see the advantage of being able to selectively turn off a schedule too. For instance, I don’t want to water the grass in the winter, but I do want to occasionally water the foundation of the house. So, in this instance, to accomplish my goal, I am thinking that I would not put the system in Standby. Should I not just turn off the schedules for watering the lawn?

I guess my question then becomes, “Why put the unit in Sandby and also turn off all schedules individually?”

I am in a freezing climate and my controller is in standby. When irrigation season returns, turn standby off and you will be good to go.