End date for each water schedule

HI Rachio team. When creating a water schedule, you input the “start date”. It would be nice to also include a “end date”. Here is the logic for it. From May to mid June I water every 3 days. From Mid June to mid August I have to water every other day. It would be nice to just have 2 programs setup i don’t have to touch.

What do you guys think?

Have you heard about flex scheduling coming out in the 2.0 app? I don’t think you will need 2 schedules anymore…instead of having static watering scheduling, flex waters only when you need it. So let your lawn moisture rate and a ton of other variables dictate when you water instead of a fixed schedule.

What do you think?

That would do it for me. i’m a beta tester, but don’t see the flex scheduling in it. @emil, any change you can provide some inputs and directions on how to implement?

Never mind I found it. looks like you can’t change a fixed schedule to a flex schedule. you can only do it when adding a new schedule. I’ll pay with this feature.

correct, create a new flex schedule to replace your two static schedules.

Lets see how it goes. I have a garden zone in 1 schedule and 7 grass zones (2 different types or sprinkler heads) in another. Hopefully the big data drives it correctly and I have it setup correctly. IMO Flex schedules is the right solution for an iot sprinkler.