End cycle water hammer

I know that’s there is option to reduce water hammer switching from zone to zone but are there any plans for any options to reduce water hammer at the end of a watering cycle or entering soak cycle

@Raven - how would you propose Rachio implement this as there will always be one valve that will be closing last? Or even a one zone schedule run? The reduce water hammer option opens up the next valve before closing the previous valve to relieve water pressure. What option would be available when there is only one valve that is open? The solenoid controlling the valve is either powered or not, there is not a open only 25% option.


Good point not sure there a real solution to this outside of fixing your plumbing in your house.

If you are a good “DIY” type of person, you can install a hammer arrester in addition to using the software to control this. It would also be a good idea to check the the pipe straps if they are under the house.

Otherwise, a licensed plumber could troubleshoot where the Hammer arrester should be placed and the best method for securing your pipes.

If you have low enough pressure in your house, I would go with the Hunter or Irritrol plastic valves. They already close slower than the infamous Rainbird valve which slams shut so hard it could wake you up from 22 miles away.