End by sunrise scheduling still starts watering in evening

I have my Flex Schedule set to end by sunrise, which in my mind should cause the Rachio to backward plan from sunrise. For instance, if the total watering cycle will take 5 hours and sunrise is at 6am, then the watering cycle should start at 5am.

However what I’m seeing is that the Rachio wants to start watering early evening right after sunset or sometime around 11pm. This happens even when the watering durations are short. Example image attached.

Shouldn’t the end before sunrise feature try to water as close to sunrise as possible? Letting it water earlier in the night increases chances of fungal growth.

I may have just fixed my own problem. I separated out my zones into separate flex schedules and that seemed to help. I had perennial, trees, and grass zones all lumped into one flex schedule and I think it was throwing the algorithm off. After I separated the zones the grass schedule started doing a better job backwards planning from sunrise.