"End Before Sunrise" Starts Extremely Early


I have my system set up on Flex Daily and End Before Sunrise, however, it starts way too early.

Even if it’s just going to water one zone for 30 minutes, it starts around 10:50pm.

You can see the attachments for my next 4 watering days, they start at 10:55pm, 10:56pm, 10:57pm, 10:58pm.

Is this normal?


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Normal. The start time is based on if ALL zones were to run regardless. I know it bothers a lot of people, and I’m sure someday Rachio will change the system, but for now that’s the way it works.

Got it, thank you for the quick reply!

If I held my breath on this statement I’d be dead many times over. :grinning:

We’ve seen all sorts of other stuff introduced like machine learning and the whole Thrive product line, yet years later it still can’t figure out how to do a real dynamic start time where not all zones have to be run. :man_shrugging:t2:

Apologies if I sound a bit :salt:y, just want my smart controller to do another smart thing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah this seems like a super easy codefix to do a daily start time calculation. It drives me nuts too, because my kids play out back in the evening and it starts watering. All because I have a few zones of shrubs on emitters, so it waters them for 3h each, which means a super early start time even if it’s just doing a 15-minute lawn zone.

Algo changes don’t drive income like Thrive and a Rachio 4 though :slight_smile:


In your case, separate your emitter (assume drip) off that schedule and put on its own. There is no benefit to not running drip in the daylight hours.

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I agree with you. Especially considering some kind of fix wouldn’t be that hard. If a schedule takes 8 hours to run and scheduled to end at 10 am, it could check at 1:55 am how much of the cycle it will have to run. If it decides it needs (for example) 6 of the 10 zones to run for a total run time of 5 hours, then it can reschedule the cycle to start at 5 am. The zones skipped will just have to wait for the next flex daily opportunity. Is it harder than that for some reason?

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Until they fix that glich I’d change your setting. Nighttime is the worst time to water!

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guys… guys… I already coded a fix for this problem in another thread…

from March…

of 2018 :rofl:

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I also thought that was odd but it has worked great for 2 years now, the only downside to this is that all stations should be checked periodically ( monthly
) for functionality.