End before sunrise progress?

Hi everyone!

Brand new user here. I have just a small little yard with 4 zones: drip lines in the front and sprayers in the back. Installed the Rachio 2 yesterday and it ran its first full (all zones) flex daily schedule last night.

It looks like there’s a known issue where when we set the schedule to “End Before Sunrise”, Rachio’s logic will start watering as if all zones will run, even when they won’t. For me, it means I’ll have 2 zones running from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm tomorrow evening…

There were two threads from over a year ago where Franz said they were working on it. And each thread recently had a follow-up question about whether a fix is on its way, but no further response from Franz or anyone else at Rachio.

So, any word? Is there a “fixes/updates” or “in progress” thread that I missed that has the status of this?

I want to know if I need to manually set times or split zones into a couple of schedules. (Seems like my intervention defeats the purpose of buying a smart controller, but what do I know.)


I truly hope so. It is at the point where “it is hard” is no longer believable. I believe the Rachio team is more than capable of executing the necessary logic in software to make this simple (on the outside) change, but the silence and choosing to ignore the many recent threads is a bummer. :man_shrugging:t3:


In the meantime, i have mine set to start at midnight, for the flex daily. 6 zones inckuding all soak takes over 7 hours.shortest since moving soaking zones up in the run, but thats another issue, But most runs are not all zones.
Definitely disappointing it has not been addressed, the soaking could be looked at as well.

The start at midnight, shown the schedule for n the right day, and doesn’t start at like 9 or 10pm on the wrong day. (odd even restrictions here)

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I second this request. The radio silence from Rachio on this topic is puzzling

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I am looking for updates on this topic as well

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Also looking for an answer from Rachio on this request.
Isn’t it better for lawn to water it just before sunrise if possible? I don’t see why a single zone need to be watered at 1AM because of limitation in software.



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