End Before Sunrise and

My Flex Daily schedule (only schedule on my account) is set to end before sunrise. If all of the zones get watered, it would take 11h 30m, but different zones get hit every day so watering time is typically shorter. My issue is that the start time seems to be determined by the length of time it would take to water every single zone, even if I am only watering a few on a given day. For example, my controller just fired off a 5h watering cycle at 5:45PM. Is this normal? Is there a way to fix this other than creating individual Flex Daily schedules for every zone? My yard is pretty flat so I’m not to concerned with soak time.

I also have it set for M-F, but my upcoming calendar shows watering on Sundays. I am assuming that the “is it a watering day” calculation is determined by when the schedule ends and the day on the calendar is based on the day the schedule starts. Since the schedule can run from night into morning, I can get watering on Sunday night. To further complicate things, it looks like schedule end time is calculated as (start time) + (time to water every zone in schedule) and not (start time) + (time to water the zones actually being watered) My schedule is showing it start at 5:39PM this Sunday and running for 2h.

Am I crazy here?

This is a known (and old) issue with Rachio. If you search the forums, you’ll find quite a few discussions. Recommended workarounds are to manually schedule a start (e.g. I know that it normally takes no longer than 2 hrs, so I set the start time to 4am); or split all your zones among more Flex Daily schedules.

Thanks, sorry for not thoroughly searching before posting.