Enable delay between zones in conjunction w/ cycle and soak

I have recently had problems with high water pressure keeping a valve activated, even after the zone associated with that valve has completed. This results in the “stuck” zone continuing to run, even with other zones are also running. If there’s a pause (i.e. even a minute where NO zones are running), then the valve and zone behaves correctly.

I’ve noticed that there’s a way using the Well or Pump relay to enable a delay between zones, but this then disables the “smart cycle” or “manual cycle and soak”. I’d love a way to be able to say:
Run Zones 1-5 for twenty minutes each, with a cycle/soak delay of 20 minutes, and a 1 minute delay between zones.

Is there any possibility of this making it into the product to allow delays between zone activation, even when using the SmartCycle or Manual Cycle and Soak features?

Thank you!

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Looking for the exact same functionality.
Hunter hydrawise offers exactly this.