Enable and Disable of a Program

I would like to make a suggestion which could benefit some of our visually impaired (color blind) members.

The individual zones already have the “Enabled”/“Disabled” label on the slide switch as well as a color change on the slide button.

Could this be incorporated in the same fashion on the “Schedule” mode? Currently it only does a color change but always stays with the label of “Enabled”.

I have a few customers that get confused with the program enable/disable section.


great design has all user types in mind, great idea: Blind person mode

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Love the suggestion @spscoutenPhD! All companies (ours included) should do a better job at designing with that in mind! Adding that to the feedback queue now :slight_smile:


Hey @sbarnhard. You are funny.

My suggestion is for the “Color Blind”.

The legally blind can just use the Home Kit, Alexa or Google Dot.

I installed 7 controllers today. 2 of the customers asked the same question about the color. They only see shades of grey. I had a challenge explaining about the blue color bar on the face of the Rachio.


Thank you @laura.bauman. I know you and the crew are busy at Rachio with all that is going on but you manage to listen to the cries of the people. Keep up the good work.

Rachio Rocks !!!


no blind dots for reading instructions? elevators have them. i’m curious what feedback has been received from bad sighted people or blind people. my experience is that deaf or blind people make you think of things, which in the end improve the product for all users. it just makes your product that much more robust!

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The fully blind can use their Apple Home Kit, Alexa or any of the verbal variations.

As far as the Braille dots go, they scare the daylights out of me whenever I see them on the drive through ATM machines. Who are they intended for? Lol