Empty doesn't work 0% ballance

I returned from travel to find my grass looking pretty bad. I saw that the moisture balance was at 0% today, so I decided to run 15 min manually than empty the moisture table, to allow the schedule to run unaffected in the future for now . The moisture balance for today is now 40% (+.33in). The empty has no affect. It should be back to zero (+.33in then - .33 in). What is up? How do i get this fixed?

I’m pretty sure If there is irrigation for the day you can never fully empty the tank since the irrigation has been applied and will be taken into account. The following day, assuming no irrigation, you will be able to empty the tank without issue.


Well that is not a very useful way to implement the adjust function. This morning after no watering, as I feared, they were down to 10%. I implemented the adjust (empty), which lowered them to 0% as Franz indicted that might be possible, since no watering took place today. Now I need to water them manually for 20 min each (5 hours later than desired due to me sleeping in) to get them up to 75% as they should be for the day, and in sync with the front grass, which i have not yet adjusted manually.

I recommend “adjust” function be split into two modes.
1.implemented to water to a % or optionally water manually and adjust database up or down to a % entered manually.

whoops. that posted while i was still editing.

  1.  Water adjust: to force water to a set % (not a manual database adjust, rather a forced

watering just like a timed watering of the zone). This is not overly useful as the “water zone”
does this now based on time vs %.

  1.  Data adjust: manually adjust the data stored to an entered % of saturation (or field capacity). This change in % should happen immediately to allow further manipulation of the zones up and down if desired.  IF entering a number is too difficult just keep using empty and full.