Emitters: Size & Number

Hi all. I’m new to Rachio, so this may just be a newbie question, but is there a Rachio guideline for size (e.g. 1 GPH, etc.) of emitters and how many?

I have read a number of posts outside of the Rachio community. While opinions vary, it looks like 1/2 - 1 GPH is pretty consistent. I also see some consistency around 1 emitter for plants up to 1’ of canopy, 2 emitters for plants up to 5’ of canopy and 3 emitters beyond that.

Since my controller makes some pretty specific assumptions on how long and how frequently to water, based solely on my plant and soil type, I would think it’s making assumptions on how much water is being delivered, but I can’t find such documentation. If it exists, first my apology for the newbie question, but second, can someone point me to it?