Emitter Drip tubing

I’m using the rainbird emitter drip tubing for my lawn. The emitters are every 18 inches and put out .9gal/hour. In the settings do I select drip tubing or emitter. How dies Rachio know the spacing between emitters? I saw the settings for nozzle output in advanced.

Emitter. I use the same Rainbird emitter tubing for my shrubs.

PR (in/hr) = (231.1 cubic inches / gal * GPH) / A

where GPH = The total GPH of your drip line. In your case, it’s essentially 0.9 * (total length of your drip tuibing in inches / 18)
and A = area that you are dripping, in square inches

Frankly the emitter tubing is under the turf and I have no idea exactly how long is each run. Each emitter does .9 gal/hr and has to cover 324 inches square. That takes 1.4 gallons which will take an emitter 1.55 hours. If I divide .9 inches/hr by 1.55 hours I get .58 inches.

I wonder how long it take the program to update once one has change the zones.

I made those changes any the watering schedule times only changed by 2-4 minutes per zone. I expected quite a bit longer runs at the lower flow rate.

I’ll let Rachio do its thing over the next couple of weeks and I’ll adjust if I’m mowing too often or the grass isn’t thriving.

The schedules are updated almost instantaneously once you change zone settings.

For reference, my one drip zone that’s mainly emitter tubing (0.9 gph per) ends up being 0.82 in/hr. I try to double-run my shrubs. Like, one run down one side (say, north), then come back and do the other side (south), so it’s getting dripped by multiple emitters at the same time. I know you mentioned yours are under the turf, but if your runs are similar, your PR looks a touch low. Are you dripping shrubs or grass? You said “turf,” so I’m just curious.

The emitters are 18" apart and the runs are 18" apart. So each emitter is watering approx and 18" x 18" square or a 324 square inch area. I takes 1.4 gallons to fill a 324 square inch area to 1 inch depth. This will take approx 1.55 hours at .9 gal/hr. divide .9gal/hour by 1.55 hours and I get .58 gal.

I think that I’ve calculated this correctly. See any flaws?