Email Alert Vs iOS Schedules

I received a notice from Rachio that my schedule had been adjusted. To summarize Racho adjusted the schedule from 1:33 down to 1:24. Which itself is eye opening because lawns and flowers here need more water in August, not less. But setting that error aside, I don’t understand why my email alert says 1:24 and my schedule on iOS app is 3:01 (and I have a couple small brown spots at that level). How does Rachio handle an adjustment when these schedules are so different. Am I out of sync between local and mothership (thankfully, if so, since I would have toast for a lawn at 1:24). Thanks.

Hey @Tracy-

Your iOS device is probably displaying your entire watering time plus your “soaking” time, where we allow the water to soak into the soil, in that 3:01 watering time. So in reality you are only putting water down for 1:24. This adjustment is based off of historical data in your area- is your zip code in your device settings correct? You can also disable this feature (Seasonal Shift) by editing it within Weather Intelligence on your schedule.

McKynzee :rachio: