ELI5: Allowed Depletion

What is it? How should I use it?

Hey @crblack24!
Allowed depletion only affects your watering if you are using a flex schedule. Are you planning on using a flex schedule, or a different schedule type? Here is a quick review of what it is- but if you are planning to use flex, I can go more in depth on how it will impact your schedule!
McKynzee :rachio:


@crblack24, Allowed Depletion is an irrigation scheduling concept used to water a zone as needed, on a zone by zone basis. As @mckynzee mentioned, this is used in Flex Daily schedules to drive irrigation frequency and in Fixed schedules to apply a Climate Skip. Please see this support article for more information about allowed depletion and how it’s used to automate your watering schedule based on the unique settings of each zone. Hope this helps!


For some reason the link listed doesn’t work… still don’t know what allowed depletion means.

Here you go.