What does efficiency affect? The default in Mine is 70% my root depth is 6” crop coefficient at 75%

Thanks @Kubisuro. The only way to know your efficiency is to do a catch cup test? I was thinking about increasing mine about 5% or 10% until I do a catch cup I just didn’t know if it was going to affect that zone run time.

Seems like a pretty small part of the equation for flex daily. I don’t think it’s worth your time going with anything but defaults for your sprinkler heads unless you’ve strong suspicions it is adversely impacting your vegetation. I’d leave it alone.

Ok cool tha zone is doing really good with the flex daily I am dialing the second zone right now but it seems that the run time for my second zone is way less than the first zone 3hr zone 2 54m the only difference is the slope. First zone is slight zone 2 is flat.

Efficiency makes up for non-uniform coverage of your nozzles. So, if your schedule would to irrigate for 10 minutes with 100% efficiency, but you have 70% efficiency defined, I believe it would run for just over 14 minutes (10 min / 0.7) to compensate.

thanks @azdavidr. this is why i love my rachio because the great features we get to optimize each zone and the awesome community.


In irrigation, 100 percent efficiency is impossible to achieve. I stick with default numbers. But if your system is crap drop your efficiency value. The majority of all commercial and residential systems is 50 percent distribution uniformity.

Yea I didn’t touch the efficiency I left it as a default I just wanted to know if it was going to do any affect on my scheduled or watering frequency.

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Same here.

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Could you argue that drip irrigation is 100% efficiency?

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Like all types of irrigation, drip is not 100 percent efficient either. The Irrigation Association gives drip a 80-90 percent efficiency rating. It really comes down to design, installation, scheduling and maintenance. Most irrigation systems fall in the 50 percent range. Here in Oklahoma, I see a lot of runoff with drip systems because run times are too long. The drip installations in downtown Oklahoma City have been a disaster because of incompetence.

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Go here: https://support.rachio.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010542148-What-are-Advanced-Zone-Settings-

Scroll about half-way down to Efficiency (DU). Lower = more run time

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