Edyn moisture sensor now supported on IFTTT

On April 6th Edyn announced supported in IFTTT. I have an IFTTT account but I’ve never used it for much. I’ve see Edyn’s applets are available on IFTTT now. Has anyone tried to integrate with rachio?

I’d really like to adjust zone moisture levels in rachio based on readings from my edyn sensor.


Looks like a pretty great way to integrate real time water needs

Edyn has a trigger for moisture level above or below a certain threshold and it can trigger an rachio event. I’ve set up a applet to water a zone if the moisture level falls below a certain amount.

This is one approach, but I’d rather not bypass all the secret sauce edyn has done with the flex schedule. I’d rather rachio provide an interface to update the moisture level for a particular zone. I’d be interested in seeing the differences between what edyn is reporting and what rachio has estimated.

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@Slackeratx, just curious how the Edyn/IFTTT trigger has been working for you?

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It seems to work, but I’m having an issue with how to convert the edyn moisture level metric.

They use VWC and the scale from 1-50 isn’t very user friendly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_content I’m not sure how to convert it to a current moisture balance to know when to water. Also after paying closer attention to the moisture level edyn is reporting I’ve noticed it stays right at around 30 and does not move at all. Still playing with it

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@Slackeratx Sounds like someone here at Rachio had the Edyn sensor and ran into similar issues… I am going to steal his so I can be more helpful with troubleshooting :slight_smile:

McKynzee :rachio:

Has anyone been able to successfully integrate the Edyn sensor where it can get the Rachio controller (via IFTTT) to water a zone when the moisture level is too low? I recently purchased the Edyn sensor, I’ve had my Rachio controller for about a year now. Trying to get this to work:)

Hey @clinton222!

Not sure if this helps- but found this premade applet from Edyn…

Can I make a request? Can Rachio make an API integration for the EDYN sensors (similar to the Nest integration). The IFTTT service is not working as intended between Rachio and EDYN unfortunately.

Hey @clinton222-

What type of issues are you running into with the IFTTT integration? What do you intend to use the integration for? Have you had success with your Edyn moisture sensor thus far?

McKynzee :rachio:

The IFTTT authorization process is not working from IFTTT. So, there is no handshaking between EDYN and IFTTT so to speak. I have been working with EDYN to address this issue and we narrowed it down to a IFTTT issue. However, I am super pleased with the EDYN sensor (in fact i just purchased another one) and the main purpose i want to use the Rachio to EDYN integration is for watering adjustments based on environmental factors such as moisture saturation, humidity, light, temperature, and even nutrition levels. For me it is important because one of my zones runs a hydroponic garden inside my greenhouse were the climate is different. I would start small of course (such as if moisture % is below X, then water Y. - IFTTT does have this applet but who wants depend on them, especially since they dont respond to tech support cases most often). Being a system integrator myself, i would share/assist in anyway possible to have direct Rachio to EDYN API integration.

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Sounds like a pretty cool setup @clinton222- glad to hear you are having success with Edyn! Does Edyn offer an public API? Rachio does have an public API- more info here: https://rachio.readme.io/v1.0/docs.

I am happy with it @mckynzee. EDYN currently doesn’t support an open API but offered their tech support team to interface directly with Rachio to assist. If Rachio so chooses, please contact Jason at jason@edyn.com:slight_smile:

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What this obsession by so many people with this EDYN product. Where is the university research or testing data from universities, The Irrigation Association SWAT testing program and or Center for Irrigation Technology to back up their claims. It is not needed with Rachio. Garbage in and garbage out.

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Not exactly glowing reviews

It is absolutely needed for certain applications with Rachio or people wouldn’t be asking for it. I wouldn’t call it an obsession, the EDYN sensors work very well and serve a purpose. If you read my earlier post above - you will see why I use them. Check out the pics of my hydroponic garden. I am able to precisely monitor and adjust my Rachio controller based on the EDYN measurements (moisture, light, nutrition, and temp data).


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It would seem you are using your Rachio controller for an unconventional and unintended use, so nest of luck with those sensors.

Rachio is a smart irrigation controller with an open API and many supported IFTTT applets/services so there are many things you can do with it aside from watering grass (which works perfectly for me as well). For example, I currently have the Nest device family integrated with Rachio and if my house catches fire, all of my sprinklers will kick on as a safety mechanism. Being a smart home/commercial building integrator, I try various ways/methods to improve implementations (thinking outside of the box - this is how Rachio started in the first place). BTW, I do work with various respected universities across the country on topics such as these. My NDA’s won’t allow me to discuss openly but this what I do for a living (M2M integrations)