Editing water zone photos

I took a photo on an iPhone and saved it to a zone. Then I discovered that it was the wrong zone and I am unable to edit the photo. What can I do? I checked the Privacy settings and Rachio is approved. Any suggestions?

You should just be able to add another photo?


Doesn’t give the option.

Are you on iOS or Android? Are you not seeing the take photo or choose photo options on the side? The web does not allow photo editing BTW.


I am having the same issue. I have photos for a few of my zones that I want to change. I am on an iPhone with the latest version of the app. Once any photo has been selected for a zone you no longer have the icons on the left and right available. :frowning:

Hey @MirskyFamily-

Do you mind sending me a screenshot of what you are seeing and maybe the steps I can take to try and replicate? I am unable to replicate on my iPhone, thinking I may be doing something wrong! Thanks!

McKynzee :rachio:

Well, I figured it out. It’s still an issue for you to fix, but not what I thought. Here’s the deal…
BEFORE you upload / place the FIRST photo for each zone on the iPhone, there is a photo box square that has white to the left and white to the right, with very faint grey icons (take photo button on left and photo roll button on right)
They are faint, but easy to see because the borders are white.
AFTER you upload a photo to a zone, the photo takes up the the whole area (landscape, not square) and those icons are nearly impossible to see depending on your images. I clicked in just the right spot and I actually am able to change photos… I just had no way of knowing that without a bit of luck. Once a photo is placed, those icons need to be bright orange or something, or maybe have an outline of some kind. I found a handful of threads in the forum all talking about this very issue, and I guarantee if you change those icons to be obnoxious somehow, this issue goes away.

I see what the op is saying. Fortunately there is grass on the bottom of my photos so there is some contrast and the change photo icons are still visible. If the background was lighter I likely wouldn’t have seen them.

I would also like the ability to add 2-3 photos for a zone .


Understood, I agree it’s very difficult to see those icons when you have an image in there, especially when it’s a lighter image. I will get this feedback to the team, thank you for bringing this to our attention!

McKynzee :rachio: