Edit Flex history

Rachio thinks it ran this morning but my water line was actually shut off for service during that time. How can I remove this data so the system can calculate the current moisture level properly and run next time accordingly?

Really only two options that I know of. You can either set each zone to EMPTY (probably what you will want to do since you skipped watering), or set it to FILL (which would make it think it’s wet, and it’s probably not).

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Thanks but there’s no way to just remove the event from my history? I can’t possibly be the only person to have encountered this type of issue.

One event really isn’t going to change things going forward. Like @Linn said, best to just “Empty” and start from there. It will essentially do the same as deleting the event, if it were possible. Schedule should run again tomorrow.

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That’s what I’ve done then. Thanks both of you.