Economical unit for Multi-unit installations?

I’ve been watching your product and love the possibilities - I hate those old sprinkler controllers!!.

…but I just need an economical direct replacement for my old 6-zone controllers. I currently have 3 of them around my house as 18/7 wire isn’t cheap for long runs, and would be a pain in the butt to run though attic to get to one location. There’s probably a lot of folk that would like to simply swap-out older 6-zone stations with an economical replacement in the $100-ish range? Three 8-zones @ $180 or a single 16-zone unit with the wire cost and hassle wouldn’t be a reasonable trade-offs for me. :frowning:

Even better, a single central controller with small remote wifi 6-zone “switch” boxes at wire termination points would be a dream.

Maybe an odd case?

@jfive, that would be pretty sweet. Easier said than done, but love the idea.

Just curious, how is your current system designed? Maybe there’s a middle ground of running wire to merge two of the three controllers and picking up two discounted refurbished Gen 1 8 zone controllers on would do the trick? Just thinking out loud…

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Older home but pretty large property and long 1-story house. I doubt if the irrigation system was every “designed” - it probably just evolved with different owners. One controller is in the garage, one in the living room behind the couch (ugh!), and one outside one of the back doors. About as far away as you could get them with my house. I could splice in wire and run them to one controller but really a hassle - and would have to fish wires though the wall to make look decent. Just looking for easier options. Thanks

I’m laughing out loud right now…

Any idea on the number of zones? This is way out of my league, maybe @emil has some creative ideas on this one. :wink:


@jfive, interesting to hear you have one in your living room. That’s a first for me! Do you know where the wires come into the house for this unit? I’m curious if you could cut and splice a new line to reroute the wiring to one of the other two controller locations?

I think you mentioned, 6 – correct?

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