Easiest way to use Flexible Daily, but avoid watering on a specific day?


I just got 16 zone gen 2 running a few days ago, set up my zones and a flexible / daily schedule, and was delighted to see the first watering sweet for the next morning, Thursday. I woke up at 7:00am, and heard the sound of lawn mowers, and realized I had my sprinkler going while my lawn was being mowed. I quickly shut it off, and would like to allow a fully flexible schedule…that never runs on Thursday.

What’s the recommended/best way to accomplish this?

Thx in advance,


Go to edit your schedule, go down to when to water, and there you can select all the days of the week except your mowing day.


Thanks Linn (sorry I took so long to answer!) -

So - if I select 6 days, the Smart / Flexible scheduling will still only use the days necessary, e.g., 2 days a week out of the six allowable?



@jonstrong Are you trying to restrict it to just not watering on Thursdays, or are you looking for more of an interval?

When you click on the will water button, you can then choose between days or interval. If you want to not run on specific days, chose “specific days” from the drop down menu, and then deselect the days you don’t want to water (Thursday). If you want the schedule to water every even or odd day, choose the “on an interval” option on the drop down menu.


Not sure if I’m interpreting what you wrote correctly, so I’ll tell you how I’m set up with Flex daily. My lawn guys come on Friday, so I have Flex daily set up to water on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for my Flex daily lawn schedule. It waters any of those days that it is needed and skips Fridays. My drip zone schedules I have set up to be able to run every day of the week.


Thanks! Makes sense – it’s now set to (potentially) water 6 days a week, with a flexible schedule. So it’s working at you suggested: only on days when needed, but never on the day I excluded (Thursday - when the lawn gets mowed). Perfect!



Thanks Linn. Sorry I wasn’t clearer – but yes – I’d like the system to water as much as necessary, but NOT on the day when the guys show up to mow the lawn. As I also responded above, I selected the other 6 days for watering, set a flexible schedule, and this did the trick.

Now I’m looking at weather stations and trying to decide which to go with. I had chosen the closest (about 3 miles) – a personal weather station. But I took a closer look at its profile, and see that it was offline and not reporting data for several days over the past couple of weeks. I’d still like to find a weather station pretty close to home, but realize that I need to look more closely at it and verify that it has good uptime and a good track of accurate reporting.

Still lots to learn, but really appreciating this system.