Early Review of Rachio (V1)...Just installed

We recently (a few weeks ago) had a Rachio V1 installed, thought I’d give an early review.

So far, while we like the device, the overall experience has been very much a mixed bag for us. First, we had a difficult time finding someone to install it locally. We wanted a pro installer, and finally found someone (Rachio was not helpful finding someone) who was superb…made us feel a lot better about the entire process. It took a long time to get it installed properly, but we took the opportunity to fix some things with our wiring at the same time.

As far as the hardware is concerned, so far it seems to be working fine…like our old controller. I do wish we had the V2 of the device as it sounds like there are some manual controls it offers that V1 does not. I think that one of the areas where Rachio missed the boat is with how gardeners have to interact with these devices. You want to have some manual controls even though most of the time things are done via the app or website.

Software–Rachio can do better here, I give it a B-. While the info and functionality are all on the site, it is not intuitive in all cases where to find things or how to make changes.

Communications–Big issues here, I give it a D. I can’t believe that Rachio cannot send text message like every other device in the world. Again, this is a problem for a lot of gardeners, who may or may not use email but do have a smart phone. This is such an easy addition/fix, please add text message functionality! Also, there should be a way to get custom messages, again it should be easy to set up so that users can get all sorts of info from the system, but not everyone will want the same thing.

So far we are happy we did the install, but where we live things are dry now. I think the Rachio will be more valuable to us when winter comes and we get rain. For now it is easier to use than the old manual system, but it still feels like very early days on the software and communication side.


+1 on the text message

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Thank you for the feedback! I apologize that we were unable to locate an installer of our device for you. We are diligently working on expanding our list of trusted Rachio installation specialist so that we can service all of the community.

I appreciate the suggestions for improvement. Developing systems that provide improved methods of communication and support are something we take seriously. I will forward this on to our product team.

Once again thank you for reaching out. Welcome to the family and have a great day!

If any of your customers in the bay area ever wants an installer, the one we found was fantastic. Really knew what they were doing, highly detailed, and we spent extra time going through the entire system so we had everything marked better, and he even took pictures of all of our zones which are on our Rachio page now.

As for the rest, please get better communications done. It is one of the most critical reasons people buy these wireless home systems after all.

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Would you be comfortable with sharing your installers information with me? I would love to add them to the list I am compiling.

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Yes, just email or message me for it.

Good comnents.

Robert, curious why you took out your comments. Personally, the new rain machine looks pretty sweet, hope Rachio can catch up.

I just thought I was being too opinionated. I have closely examined all of the EPA WaterSense labeled controllers. Each have their pros and cons. The only two cons I see with Rachio are no faceplate setup and the flimsy wiring terminals. Yes, Rain Machine looks nice but they do not have the advanced zone setup like Racho. Hydrawise continues to disappoint me.