I’m sure this has been discussed already but I can not not find the answer…

With a Flex Schedule does decreasing the duration increase the frequency of waterings?

@82ndcena, assuming that you’re talking about Flex ‘Daily’, take a look at this article. The zone attributes table tells you about the trade-offs between run times and durations based on the input you give the system.

If you’re talking about using the +/- adjustment knob on Flex ‘Daily’, I don’t think it factors into the moisture calculations and I therefore believe the frequency won’t change. Others may need to correct me but that’s what I recall reading in an earlier thread.

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Still don’t understand why this is the case - I’m putting down less/more water, this should impact the moisture level

@jsurpless. I believe it was intentionally done to give you a way to add to the duration without changing the frequency. If it was added to the moisture balance equation than your frequency would be impacted too.

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OK, but doesn’t just invalidate the moisture balance equation?

The water that Iro thinks is being put down isn’t accurate

@jsurpless Yeah, one could argue it invalidates the equation. That’s why I don’t use it and prefer to dial in all of my other setting to achieve the results that I’d like. However, it’s a nice “quick fix” sometimes, and it works for those that aren’t too worried about the equation and just want a little extra, or less, water per cycle. It sounds like you’re in my camp and prefer to have the algorithm parameters dialed in. Maybe play around with some of the root depth settings if you don’t like the durations that you have set? First make sure that your precipitation rates and soil type are dialed in first as those would have a significant impact to the baseline watering assumptions.

I too would rather have all the settings dialed in, but I do use the knob on my one drip zone that is so screwball that I’ve been adding to the watering until I figure it out, and I also have 2 lawn zones that just do not drain. I’ve got them set as clay (they should be silty clay) and as lots of shade (and they are lots of shade). So I used the knob to set the amount of watering time down further. But that’s just until I can figure out the right way to handle those zones using the settings. In this case it’s nice not having them go into moisture levels until I can figure things out.

Yep, that’s the kinda stuff I do with it. Sometimes you just need a bit more time to figure things out.