Dumb Rachio Tricks

Happy April, Rachifam!

I’m not even going to try and fool you all today. A) I’m a terrible liar, and b) you all are too good and likely wouldn’t fall for it anyway.

So instead, I’m going to give you all a little challenge. We want to see the best dumb tricks you can play on your friends/family/pets/etc with your Rachio controller! You have until Friday at 11:59 to complete the challenge, record it, and share in this thread!

We will choose a winner by votes from the Rachio HQ team. That person will win a nice little swag gift from us. :gift:


  • Be kind. We will not tolerate physical harm to humans or animals.
  • Feel free to use other tools or integrations to complete your challenge. But you must use your Rachio controller as well.
  • You must record, by way of video or photography, your challenge.
  • You must post your photo or video as a response to this thread by 11:59 PM MST on Friday, April 5th.

Have fun & Happy Pranking!

Man, best I’ve done so far is get my neighbor to stop letting his dog poop in my yard (and not picking it up). I set up ring camera pointed at my lawn, set the motion zone to include just the grass, set a rule in Smartthings (back when the integration worked better), and voila! Took about 3 days of walks for the neighbor to realize that it wasn’t just a coincidence that the sprinklers kicked on everytime his dog went into my lawn…


@tmcgahey ever forgot to turn off the setup before cutting the grass? :smile:


Thankfully no! It was in a year that I didn’t overseed winter grass, so my bermuda was dormant. I’m sure that really made the neighbor scratch his head why I was watering dead grass…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Feeling incredibly cruel and guilty as the kids rabbits fled when Siri responded to the sprinkler. Not sure if I dare post evidence.
Well also evidence of a lawn full of thatch that never got sorted last spring


Thankyou @laura.bauman and Rachio for the great swag that arrived this morning. Rabbits still have a trust issue with me.
Just installed Arlo Ultra cameras so next time I may capture the stray cat on the lawn and automate the sprinklers with homekit and motion detection (once the pending Arlo homekit support is released)