Dual Rachio software improvements

I currently use two Rachio’s because I have 20 zones. I schedule each controller not to overlap. If the app can switch between multiple controllers, why can’t it be smart enough not to run more than one at a time when there is just one master valve? Also why can it not virtually see and schedule them as one controller? It just seems the way it works now is not how it could with a little work.


Hey @Amassey!
This is something we have heard from other users with two controllers, and we are definitely working on improving how multiple controllers work together. I agree that right now it is inconvenient having to work your schedules so they don’t overlap!
McKynzee :rachio:


IMO this is a fundamental improvement needed to put your product into municipal parks.

This along with having an Ethernet connection.

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Definitely agree. I have two controllers and being able to program them as one big controller takes this up to a 5 star product!